Friday, September 25, 2009

Fixed and now I have a post!

So I finally got my computer to read my memory card. I'm not sure why it wasn't reading it last night. After we turned the computer off and back on in the morning it read it just fine without problems. I would have tried that last night but I was tired and grumpy from the computer not working. So I decided to just wait until the morning and then fix it.
And it gave me time to get pictures of my demo and swaps-better pictures too. I don't like taking pictures at night because the colors get distorted with the overhead light and flash. I really prefer to take pictures with natural light. They just come out so much better.
Ok so yesterday I mentioned that I had 2 demos to show at the meeting and the first one was this box, that I showed you in August. It's so simple to make. You use 4 of the petal card dies and attach them all and it makes a box. Super quick and easy.
The other demo I showed was how to make a 'garage door' for your sweet treats cups. I love these cups but the thought of having the card ripped apart to get to the candy was horrible so this little 'garage door' fixes that. To make it, you'll need to punch a circle (or use your circle scissors plus) through all 3 layers of cardstock--REMEMBER if you're using a punch, you'll have to punch all 3 layers separately. You'll attach your cup to the Melon Mambo layer and the door behind that layer. If you'd like a tutorial on this leave a comment and I'll be happy to do one.

So that's all for today. Tomorrow I'll show you the swaps from our meeting.
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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