Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday-2 for 1-scallop envelope box with spiders-AHHHHH!

I have a Halloween themed tutorial today. Just a heads up in the supply picture I'm using vellum envelopes-but halfway through the box I didn't like the way they looked so I switched to Pumpkin Pie envelopes.
For the box you'll need 4 scallop envelopes from the big shot, sticky strip and stamps to decorate, I'm using the Sprinkles Background set.
For the spiders you'll need a scallop circle punch, photo corners punch, 1/2 inch circle and 1/4 inch circle punches and some york peppermint patties.
Let's get started!

The first thing that you'll do is to cut your envelopes with your big shot and the scallop envelope die. Before you fold on the score lines stamp your images. For the box you'll fold the scallop part of the envelope the opposite direction as the rest of the box so you'll need to stamp on both sides of your paper. You'll stamp the scallop edge part on one side and the box part on the other side-see above photo.

Next, cut off the tab on the right side on all your envelopes. Put sticky strip on the other tab.

You'll glue the envelopes together. Glue the tab with the sticky strip onto the next envelope on the side you cut the tab off. Once you glue all your envelopes together, you will fold the bottom pieces in and use a little glue to hold them down.

Glue the scallop edge down to the box.

Your box is done.

For the spider, you'll need 2 black scallop circles, 4 black large photo corners, 4 green galore, small photo corners, 2 white 1/2 inch circles, 2 black 1/4 inch circles and 1 real red 1/4 inch circle.

Glue the eyes, and nose on one scallop circle.

Glue the green galore photo corners to the back photo corners for the legs.

Glue 2 legs to the back of the scallop circle with the face on it.

Glue the other 2 legs on the other scallop circle, green side up. Stick a york peppermint patty in the center and top with the other scallop circle.

Spiders in a box! Happy Halloween-early!

Thanks for looking-I hope it wasn't too confusing :)

See you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Cute spiders! Will definitely try them next year.