Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Shaker with Lemon Lime Twist

Oh my goodness!!!  So many amazing NEW products on this card it's hard to know where to start!!!!  I guess we'll address the background first.  Yesterday I shared a card that had a ink blended circle and I hinted that there was a larger piece that the circle came from, here it is!!!!  Don't you LOVE it!!!!  I added more ink to the bottom for an ombre look but I love this polka dot background so much!!!!  As you know I used every piece of it!  Plus I got two awesome cards so Yay! 
Let's talk about this Happy Birthday die cut now.  Wow!  You guys jut WOW!!!  I love the size I love the font I love it all!!!  For this card I cut it twice once in Black and then once in Lemon Lime Twist.  I layered them together off setting them slightly so that it gives an awesome shadow effect!  Plus this is a shaker card. Seriously does it keep getting better or what??!  I went with some black and silver sequins for this card to keep that Lemon Lime Twist color the focus!  So have I made you LOVE this color yet??!  I hope so because I'll be using it lots! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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