Monday, May 1, 2017

Giant Tsum Tsum Card

Are you on the Disney Tsum Tsum band wagon?  They actually come in many different forms and sizes, from large plush ones to the little plastic ones that I've become obsessed with.  Fortunately for me I have an amazing friend who understands my crazy obsession (because she has the same one!).  I was asked to make a card for her that would be given to her from a group of people.  Obviously Tsum Tsum's are the first thing I thought of!
Now if you're not like me you might be asking 'what on earth is a tsum tsum?' Don't worry you're not alone in not knowing, I recently had to explain it to another friend.  Tsum Tsum's are these adorable figurines that depict specific Disney characters and movies.  They're not just the figurines though, they come with accessories and more.  It's a whole addiction.  Next to my Stampin' Up! addiction this one is the most dangerous.  They come in these blind bags so you don't know which one your getting which is either really exciting or completely terrifying.  Not to worry though, I feel that I can feel the bags and make good educated guesses at what they are.  You'll often find me in Target with a box of these in my cart just feeling the bags.  I told you it's an addiction.  The kids and I both love them and we have quite the collection at our house (I have all that have been released to date....series 6 is about to come out! I can't take the pressure of it all!!!!!!)  Now that the crazy part of the post is over let's go back to the card.....
All my characters on my card are made from punches.  I didn't write down any of the punches I used because well that would have made a lot of sense......I will share the punches that I know I used though.  There was a lot of cutting and trimming so if you so recreate these for yourself, look at your punches and see what you have.  All of the bodies are the 1 1/2" circle punch, the ears on Mickey and Minnie are the 1" circle punch and their faces are the 1 1/2" circle punch then I just hand cut the face shape.  All their feet are the 1/2" circle punch.  All the eyes are from the Owl Builder.  Mickey, Minnie and Pluto's nose are from the retired heart border punch.  I took one heart and cut it in half then rounded the pointy end.  Donald's bow is from the Gingerbread Man punch, while his beak is the 3/4" Circle punch trimmed to just a sliver.  Donald's hat is from the retired butterfly punch (this one has been retired a few years), I also used the heart from the Owl Builder on his hat.  Dumbo's ears are an oval punch that's been trimmed slightly.  His hat is the retired small oval punched, also trimmed, his trunk is the 1 1/2" circle punch that, you guessed it, has been trimmed! 
Minnie's bow is the 1/2" circle punch and a small heart punch....I'm honestly not sure where this small heart punch is from......As for Pluto, his eyes and nose are both trimmed ovals, his ears are ring made with the 1" circle punch and the 1 1/2" circle punch then cut down.  Lots of hand trimming on a lot of these pieces.  But honestly these guys were really small and there just weren't punches with the pieces small enough.  This card is pretty large, it's a full sheet of card stock folded in half making it an 11"x4 1/4" card.  Even with all the trimming, and all the tiny details, and the tiny pieces it was all worth it.  This card came out amazing and just as hoped it would!   
I did make one more character, she might be the best of all!  There wasn't room for Tinkerbell on the front so she was added to the inside.  Her body, eyes and feet are the same as the others, the only additional punches that were used on her was 1" circl for her bun and headband.  Her hair is the 1 1/2" circle, her nose is half a 1/2" circle.  Finally her wings are Blossom Builder....I think....I'm not a 100% sure on that one....seriously I should have written it down!!!  Lesson learned!  Like I said this card is pretty amazing and the recipient loved it, which ultimately is all that matters right?!!?  I know this has been a long post but thanks for sticking with me, I hope you love this card too!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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