Thursday, April 7, 2016

One Card Two Ways

I'm trying to ink up sets that have never been inked up before.  This Number of Years set is one of them.  I have yet to really break it in but I wanted to play with it a little.  The number part is awfully specific, you really have to plan out who that card will be for.  You can't really have a stack of 'Guess who's 30?' cards lying around, unless you know lots of people turning 30 this year.  But I do love the little bunch of flowers.  I thought I'd use this opportunity for a little experiment.  The card on the left is 'watercolored' the card on the right is just stamped.  Now when I say watercolored I use that term loosely.  I mean I inked up the stamp and then spritzed it with some water then stamped, so it gives a watercolored look but I didn't use anything except stamps and ink.  I wanted to see the difference in the two, see if I liked one better?  I actually really like them both so it's hard to tell, you be the judge!   
I started with shimmer white cardstock for both cards.  It's a little thicker and I knew would hold up to the water better.  This is a close up of the watercolored, spritzed one.  I used our color spritzers with just water and after I inked the stamp, before stamping it on the paper I sprayed it gently and then stamped.  I love that the colors are much brighter.  You can see this most on the stem and leaves stamp.  Both were inked in Wild Wasabi then 'rolled' in Garden green.  It's harder to see those colors on the non spritzed version.  The purple flower on the right is an example of what happens when you get too much water on your stamp, but because none of the images are perfect I think it goes well.    
The watercolored one is pretty but I love this one too!  I love the clean crisp lines of the stamps.  It's a tough call.  Both are beautiful!!!  I added a gold embossed greeting to both of them and added some glitter tape to the card bases.  The cards are pretty simple but really really pretty!  I know I'd love to receive one of these in the mail ;)  If you have a preference of which you prefer, do you like one more than the other let me know :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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