Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gold Butterfly

I've been watercoloring random cardstock on my desk for a while.  Actually I'm not even entirely sure it's watercoloring.  I color on a window sheet and spritz it with some water then smoosh it onto some cardstock.  Watercolor cardstock is ideal, but the shimmer white cardstock works well too.  Then it dries and your left with a gorgeous background.  I love doing this!!!  I also have an obsession for butterflies so I add those to cards.....a lot.....but they're so pretty.  
One of my favorite things on this card is those enamel dots.  I'm going to tell you a secret, a tip I learned from Steffi a demonstrator from Germany.  Those little dots are the White Perfect Accents that are in the catalog.  I bought some never knowing what I'd do with them, then I saw in one of her videos where she took the white backing off and then attached it to her card and my life was forever changed. Then it's a clear enamel dot (which I know we also sell in the Itty Bitty Epoxy Stickers.....but not in as large of a quantity as the white ones). I love the look they give and they're flat enough to be post office friendly.  I made this card for a swap.  I saw this swap advertised on Brian Kings blog and thought, why not?  I'm already mailing a bunch of cards today why not get a fun one in return!  I'll make sure to share it when I receive it back.  I'm excited!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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