Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday-Faux Masking and Punched Penguin

I'm very excited to share this tutorial with you today, I have 2 tutorials in one! I'm not sure why but recently I've been making a lot of punched penguins...hmmm that sounds like I'm abusing them, maybe I should say penguins made with punches. Yes, that's better, and I've been coming up with all sorts of backgrounds for them, mostly involving snow drifts with torn cardstock. That's all well and good but is there another way?? Of course there is!!! So today I'm going to show you faux masking to make our snowdrift.

So were going to mask off the snow and make the sky instead. I'm going to use a shimmer paint spray (surprised). But instead of just doing rubbing alcohol and the paint I'm going to add some reinker to color my shimmer spray. For this one I'm using Ballet Blue and the Champagne Mist Shimmer Paint. So get your spray bottle and lets go!

Start by filling your spray bottle about 3/4 full with rubbing alcohol. Add just a couple of drops of shimmer paint, a little will go a loooong way. Then add some reinker. I wasn't sure how much to add, I wanted a nice blue background, but I also didn't want it too dark. Just keep experimenting with it. Start by adding a little because you can always add more if it's not the color you're looking for, but you can't take it away. For mine. I think the final amount of reinker was 10-12 drops of Ballet Blue and I added 2 drops of Night of Navy. You'll see that after it's dry and on the final project, it looks more like Bashful Blue then Ballet Blue so I probably could have gone a little darker.

Make sure to protect your work surface with scrap paper. Use a scrap piece of torn cardstock
and lay it on the cardstock. Use can use a removable adhesive, but it's just as easy to hold it. From about 10-12 inches away spray your cardstock.
Don't get it too wet, because it will start seeping under your mask and you won't end up with the masked look.
So I sprayed once, let it dry (or use your heat tool to speed it up) spray again, dry and spray again, and dry.
So I did it 3 times until I got the look I wanted. Isn't that cool? Ok now set that aside, we're going to work on our penguin.

To make this penguin you'll need two small ovals in Night of Navy (wings), one 1 1/4 circle punch in Night of Navy (head) and one in Bashful Blue (belly), one 1 3/4 inch circle punch in Night of Navy (body), one point from the large star punch in Pumpkin Pie (beak), one modern label punch in Pumpkin Pie (feet), two 1/2 inch circle punches in White (eyes) and two 1/4 inch circle punches in Black (eyeballs). You could also use googlie eyes instead of the punches for his eyes.

For his head. Cut one point off the star punch, attach to head for his beak and attach his eyes. I popped his eyes up with dimensionals.

For his body. Attach the belly, cut the modern label punch in half and attach the feet, and then attach the wings.

Attach your penguin to the card and you have a super cute card! This card would be a fantastic project for kids. It's super simple and they'll have fun punching and spraying.
So here he is again. I hope you liked it!
One more quick thing, totally non SU but today is Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary! I thought about doing some punched critters from the show but I saw these cake pops on Bakerealla's website. They're so adorable and I didn't think I could top those! So check them out! And Happy Anniversary Sesame Street!!
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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