Friday, June 19, 2009

Caution----Non SU Post Ahead!!

I know what am I doing posting non SU stuff. I love our products so much and making this card proved alot of why I love our products so so so much! But let me start by telling you how this card came to be. My sister is in town as I mentioned before and she notorious for finding amazing sales, and when I say amazing sales we're talking her entire prom outfit with shoes for under $2. Yeah I know-crazy right. Well while she was in town on our way to take the kids to a waterpark we stopped at JoAnns where they had a clearance on patterned paper. Well I wasn't that interested until I saw the glitter pack---48 sheets of glittered paper for $8. It was just such a good deal and I love the patterns on them and they're so sparkly with the glitter-oh it was just too much so I caved and got the paper!!!! I'm a sucker for anything sparkly. This is the first time in over 6 years that I bought card/scrapbooking supplies from someone other then SU. And it had been so long that I actually felt guilty about making a card with the paper. But when I saw how cute the card was, I didn't feel so guilty anymore.
BUT, let me tell you why I love SU products and why I rarely buy anything other than SU. First of all our colors are unmatched by anyone, and I had trouble matching our colors to the colors in this paper. But I think I found a few that will work. They won't match exactly but I think they're pretty close-fortunately for me I'm not a perfectionist, so I can live with the difference in shades of pink for example. Reason number 2 why I love and prefer SU product: While at JoAnns I needed a pack of white cardstock, well about 44 sheets to be exact for the birthday cards for the church I was working on this month. I had enough SU cardstock at home but I really wanted to save it for my classes coming up and swaps and other stuff. I'm not placing an order for myself until July so I really didn't want to use it. So in a pinch I figured I'd just get some at JoAnns. Well first of all it wasn't as sturdy and smooth as SU white is. The package said it had 50 sheets in it. I cut them all in half-so mathematically I should have 100 half sheets now. I needed to use 87 of them. So when I was done with my 87 cards I had 1 half sheet left. The package had shorted me 6 sheets of cardstock! WHAT!! It wasn't a huge deal, but I guarantee SU will never do that.
So I've gone on long enough. Here's the project. I do love the sparkly glittery paper and I'm sure you'll see more of it (smile).

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