Monday, October 16, 2017

Make Your Own Colored Glitter

Surly you didn't think I'd do a whole demonstration without an ounce of glitter in it did you?  Well I didn't! I had this random idea a few months ago and thought, what if I could change the color of our Dazzling Details Glitter?  Well after a little trial and error I did it!  Since then I've been making glitter in all kinds of colors!  Bermuda Bay on this card!  All of my cards are identical aside from the strip of glitter on the bottom.
Lemon Lime Twist!  The glitter colors end up a more pastel looking color of the original. They're a little difficult to photograph but in real life, these glitters are sparkly and stunning!
Crumb Cake!  I wasn't sure I'd love Crumb Cake Glitter, brown glitter???? But WOW!  It just might be my favorite!!!
Island Indigo! Another stunner!  The glitter was adhered to all of these cards using strips of the multipurpose adhesive sheets. I put a strip down on the card base, pulled the backing off, added my glitter and assembled the card as normal.  So pretty! 
Finally Melon Mambo!  I saved the backing of the adhesive sheet and placed it over the glitter and rubbed it firmly with my bone folder to make sure the glitter was stuck down good! If you happen to get some loose glitter on your work surface, Swiffer Dusting cloths are amazing for cleaning it up. I always have one in my desk! 
So how do you dye the glitter.  It's super easy!  I put a little (probably 1-2 tablespoons) in a sandwich size ziplock bag. Then I added 1-3 drops of reinker.  You don't want to add a lot of reinker or you'll just have a bag of ink.  I found no more than 3 was ideal.  Close your bag and massage the glitter and ink together with your fingers until all the ink has been absorbed by the glitter.  I keep them in the bags and just use a small spoon to add them to my projects when needed.  Super fun and EASY!  Who would have thought?!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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Mary said...

Such a cool 💡! I can't wait to try it!