Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Birthday Cards

Before we get to today's cards I have a few updates.  Summit prep is in full swing and my craft room is starting to fill with boxes of goodies for the Summit.  We're less than 3 weeks away!  It will be here before I know it!!  I'm working daily (and making my family work) to get everything done for it!  While I'm hoping to emerge as the amazing organized stamper I think I am I think and blog everyday I feel that I should prepare you for the possibility that it might not happen and over the next 3 weeks or so my blogging may be very sporadic.  Just a heads up :)  But planning is going well and I'm so excited about everything being delivered and arriving, it's very exciting!  But let's get to some cards today!  And boy do I have a stack of cards to share today!  Last week was my birthday and I was showered with lots of hand stamped birthday cards! They're all fun and inspiring.  Check them out!  

 This card is from my amazing Disney friend Anne.  

 This card is from my also amazing BFF Kim.

 This card is from the also amazing Nikki.

 This card is from my good friend Karin.   The day I got this card, this was the only mail we got that day.  It's always extra special when you get one piece of mail and it's good mail!

 This card is from my sister Joyce.  

 This card is from my mom. 

 This card is from Logan.  Logan is a big fan of Paper Pumpkin and I often let him do them with me, so he's got a nice stash of Paper Pumpkin cards. 

Finally this card is from Megan.  Megan also has a stash of cards that she's accumulated from attending classes of mine over the years. 

Thanks for looking, see you soon! 

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