Friday, February 19, 2016

Picture Perfect Hummingbird

I didn't use the glitter tape on yesterday's post....were you surprised?  Not to worry it's back today :)  This time the glitter tape makes a beautiful striped background!  But again that's not the focal point of this card.  Today's focal point is the pretty little hummingbird.  There's lots of layers on this card.  I really went crazy and built up the layers.  But I think it all works and looks soooo pretty!!  
The first layer is the paper doilies.  I love these doilies.  I really should use them more.  They're so much fun and so pretty!!!  Then I put some ribbon over that doily.  It's just laying flat, a few scrap pieces looped and laying flat.  This is a great way to use your small scraps.  Then I have a couple punched circles and finally the hummingbird and the greeting.  As for the hummingbird.  He's slightly challenging to stamp.  There's lot of little pieces to line up, not impossible you just need to be a little more careful.  I do love it though.  It's soooo pretty!!!!

Before I go I have a small blog note to point out.  This time next week I'll be happily checked into the Disney Craft Weekend!!!!  I'm so excited and soooooooooooo ready for a crafty get away with my crafty friends!  I have 3 posts scheduled for next week.  Then you won't hear from me again until March!  Eeeek!  I know that seems so far away but it's not!  I'll have lots and lots to share about the Disney weekend, plus I'll have all my projects that I make at the weekend to share with you too.  So there will be a little break then a massive amount of posts.  I hope you continue to check back!  

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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