Thursday, February 5, 2015

Shaker Birthday Balloons

 Megan was invited to her friends birthday party last weekend. They're twins, so you know double the fun :)  We got the invitation about 10 days before the party.  We kept asking Megan, do you want to go?  We would read her the invitation.  She would look at the invitation every day, which would prompt the questions again "Do you want to go?"  She would either say, "I'm still thinking about it." or come up with a really strange excuse, my favorite was "The invitation says there will be cake, I only like cup cakes."  {facepalm} Yes that's my daughter!  About 2 days before the party I asked her one final time if she want to go to the party, we needed to RSVP.  She said no.  We left it alone.  The day before the party, exactly 24 hours before, she said she wants to go to the party "even if there is cake and not cup cakes."  So I called the girls mom and she said there was still plenty of time to RSVP and Megan could go.  Megan would go regardless of how she felt about cake the next day.  So 24 hours before the party, they're twins, I need 2 gifts and 2 cards.  We went to the store, of course it was snowing.  Then we got home and I whipped up 2 cards.
I thought for 4 year olds the shaker cards from the December Paper Pumpkin kit would be perfect.  I paired that with the Celebrate Today stamp set.  I cut the balloon out of the Washi Sheets in the Occassions Catalog, they're so fun by they way!!!!  Can't wait to use them more!  To finish the balloon I used a black sharpie to draw the bow and string.  I put LOTS of stars and shaker bits in the frame, probably too much but I wanted them to have fun :)  We left party before the presents were opened so I hope the girls loved the gifts (oh which took 45 minutes in the toy department for Megan to make a decision) and their cards, I think they're adorable!  Oh and an update, Megan left the party saying the cake was the best cake she'd ever had.  So even though there were no cupcakes, it still all worked out :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!! 

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Bobbi Miller said...

Ruth...your post cracks me up.. Kids...aren't they so adorable? You did a fantastic job of creating these cards at the last minute. I'm sure they both loved them..they ARE fun! Thanks for the chuckle this morning and sharing your cards.