Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snow, Elfs and Christmas

You're probably getting tired of seeing my MDS posts :) Don't worry this is the last day.  Tomorrow we'll get back to stamping :)  As much as I love MDS, paper crafting is always my first passion.  Though I do love these pages :)  First is some pictures from a small snowstorm in November of last year.  It wasn't a big storm, for those of you say in Minnesota or even further north, you probably wouldn't even blink an eye at the minimal amount of snow we got.  But remember I live in New Mexico, when it snows, even less than an inch the city shuts joke....schools get cancelled, city offices close.  It's pretty crazy :)  But since we see snow so infrequently it's always exciting when it does snow.  The kids played for most of the morning.  Whether it's 1 inch or 10 inches the best part is the fun and memories.  I love the circles on this page and the glitter snowflakes! 
Do you do the Elf on the Shelf thing at your house?  It kind of happened accidently at our house.  We got our elf after Christmas a couple years ago, it was on clearance at Target.  Had I known the trouble he'd get into every stinkin' night I might have rethought that purchase.  But the kids LOVE him.  WHEN I remember to move him around, (that's a big when-typically last year it was one of those middle of the night thoughts "OH CRAP I DIDN'T MOVE THAT ELF!"), but when I remembered he was usually posed really cute.  This year, though, I think our elf may show up a little later and I'd like it if he brought some ideas of some Christmas service projects we can do.  Perhaps if the ELF suggests it the kids will be more excited to do it........let's see how organized I get......
Finally it's Christmas, which is pretty much the end of 2013!  There are a couple more pages, Christmas morning, etc.  But I'll share those another time.  This picture with the kids dressed for church on Christmas Eve is too cute!!!!  Time to start my 2014 album!  YIKES 2014 is almost over!  Maybe I can catch up! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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