Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Curvy Snowman

You know how when October hits the rest of the year is a blur? One day you're talking with your children about Halloween costumes and the next thing you know you're waking up and it's New Year's?  Yep, that's what's about to happen, tomorrow is October 1, and I can already feel myself slipping behind on all that needs to be done!  The plan is to go one day at a time, try to get it done but not to stress about 'not getting it done'.  Why am I telling you all this now?? Well a lot of what I'm doing I won't be posting on my blog....at least not right away :)  I'm so excited about all the fun projects I have in store and I'm hopping not to slip on posting daily, but if I do, I know you'll understand :)  It's one of those things that I'm not going to stress about. 
Today I have the sweetest (he's filled with chocolate!), cutest little snowman.  I almost turned him into Olaf, but then had a moment of reality.  We're trying to tone the 'Frozen Obsession' down in our home.  Megan has gotten a little out of control lately........a lot out of control.....so we're working on focusing on other things and not so much of Elsa, Anna and the crew.  Not that there's anything wrong with her love of the movie, it's just when she started talking in quotes from the movie at the dinner table, we knew that we had to cut back :)  So I decided not to reignite the fire by turning him into Olaf, he's just a regular snowman :)  I saw this snowman and LOVED it!  Of course I had to make my own! 
Of course he's made from the Curvy Keepsake Die.  Three of them actually!  The most challenging part of him was how to attach the boxes.  I used tombow to attach the bottom two, but that got a little messy, so I tried glue dots, less messy but I'm not sure the bond is a strong as the bottom two.  I think in the end, the glue dots are the better choice.  Of course after he was put together I had a brilliant idea of how to stack them....that will be for next time.  My thought was if you cut a hole in the bottom of the box you can pull the tab at the top of the box through the hole and glue it to the inside of the box.  Then add candy.  I haven't tried that, it's just what occured to me AFTER I had stuck them together.  Now the most tragic part of this cute creation, is that if you want the chocolate inside he has to be taken apart and destroyed......perhaps next time I'll create 'hidden doors' on his back so that he doesn't have to mutilated  :)  How can you not love that smile! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!