Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Balloons, Birthdays and Halloween

We've reached October in my 2013 album, the end is clearly in sight now!!!!  October in New Mexico means one thing, Balloon Fiesta.  It's quickly become a favorite event of the kids.  While Megan still doesn't like the sound of the burners she loves the balloons in the air.  Logan loves the whole thing, from the balloon on the ground to them up in the air.  Last year at the Balloon Fiesta I tried not to take as many pictures as I've taken in the past.  The year before I think I took nearly 200 pictures.  I spent more time doing that then just enjoying myself.  Last year I think I only took about 100 pictures :) I love the blues in the pictures, it's so vibrant!  I kept the background simple with just some clouds.  FUN!! 
October also means Megan's birthday, it's hard to believe she's almost 4!!!!  She's grown so much since these pictures!  We did a simple family celebration for her birthday, we had people over to our house and just chatted and played.  I'm all about the low key!  We'll see what we do this year, nothing has been planned.....This page is simple too, no journaling, I didn't think it needed any.  Can I just say though how much I LOVE that glitter 3!!!!!  It's a punch that a paper filled with some glimmer paper.  It's a download that you NEED!!!!
Finally it's Halloween.  I have lots of Halloween downloads :) these pages are always simple.  I just plug in my Halloween elements :)  I love using green and purples for Halloween.  I have one more day of MDS to share with you.  I've really enjoyed all the MDS pages I've done in the last week :) 
Thanks for looking, se you soon!!!!

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