Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet My Feathered Friends

Here are the final cards from my punch class.  No punch class is complete without some version of the owl punch.  The owl punch is one of those punches that you HAVE to own!  You can make a million things with him!  But for this class we kept him as an owl, just sent him back to the old west!  Here comes the sheriff owl coming through the saloon doors. 
He's stinkin' cute!  I love the huge cowboy hat!!!  His vest is layered with 3 layers of cardstock.  It just adds lots of dimension to him and in all movies I've seen those cowboys wear layers :)  We added some boots on him and his 'star' that makes him official!  You might notice that the backgrounds of my cards are pretty simple.  I do that on purpose with punch art.  I want the punch art to speak for itself.  So generally on all my punch art the card bases are kept really simple. 
Finally we have Mr. Bluebird.  I love him, because often punch art isn't huge, take the little owl for example, he's on one of our note cards, which are smaller than the standard card, so he's not a very big owl.  But this sweet bird is big, he takes up almost half the card. We use the 2 1/2 circle punch for his body and wings.  So he's a good size, which makes assembly so much easier! 
I just love him though, he's simple, but adorable!  He's easy enough to make a bunch of these in no time!  It's hard to tell from the picture but he's sponged in Pacific Point ink to add to the feathered look.  In real life it's easy to see and makes a huge difference. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Theresa Q. said...

Love sheriff owl! :)