Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coastal Butterfly

Ever make a card that perhaps you copied but just love your version so much, both are great but you love yours?  This is that card.  I used this card for my inspiration.  I loved it, it's simple but bold and so pretty!  But I knew I wanted to add some sparkle.  And I knew I was going to incorporate the ribbon somewhere else.  I LOVE ribbon, but I wanted this one to be mailable (even with the rhinestones, I'm pushing it).  So I knew that a big knot wouldn't work.  So instead I reached for our YUMMY ruffled ribbon!!  It's seriously the best ribbon ever!!!  Get used to me gushing about it, we have 2 years with this fab ribbon!  So after I cut the butterfly I just added the ribbon to the edge, it's subtle but looks so great in real life. 
The ribbon was done, I knew I'd be scattering rhinestones everywhere, I needed a background.  Plain cardstock was just that plain. Even stamped or embossed didn't give the look I was going for so I crumpled up my cardstock-literally!  I crumpled it, smashed it, squished it, rolled it until it was falling apart.  Once all the fibers in the cardstock were broken I was able to gently pull it apart giving me a faux suede look.  LOVE doing this to cardstock.  *NOTE: SU cardstock works great for this technique because it's thick and dyed all the way through, other thinner cardstock might not work.*  I splattered a little ink on it and it was done, the textured look was perfect!  There you have it.  Lovely isn't it?  This is one of my favorites! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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