Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Girl Bed

First, I've been slacking this summer.  I missed Friday's post, that makes two Friday's in a row!  It's certainly not because I don't want to post, it has far more to do with the kids and their numerous activities that I've been driving them to and from, and to and from and to and from...well you get the idea.  This summer we're going non stop! It doesn't leave much time for stamping!  So I've decided that instead of worrying about it, I'll take Friday's off this summer.  There might be an occasional Friday never know!  Now onto today's project and MDS page, which is a classic example of my stamp time being interrupted by the little ones.  I was planning on having lots of stamping time yesterday, Dan was home and could entertain the children.  But to our surprise Megan greeted us on the opposite side of her crib in the morning.  She did it, the day we feared.  She learned to climb out of the crib.  So as Dan and I agreed, when she learned to climb out, our crib glory days would be done.  Fortunately for us she did it on a weekend.  So we pulled the bed out that some friends gave us and with the help of my handy parents the bed was put up.  But instead of stamp time, there was bed building time.  As you can see from the pictures, we were very unprepared for this.  No bedskirt (or in her case, we're just getting another fitted sheet for the box spring), either way it's an ugly exposed mattress.  Not to mention Dan and I are just not ready to play 'back to bed duty'.  But she did great during her first nap (this was typed before she went to bed last night).  During her nap she played for a little while but went straight to sleep, never getting off her bed.  When Logan transitioned into a real bed he was on and off and on and off.  It was exhausting!  Fingers crossed Megan will take to it much easier!  But back to the page.  It's pretty simple, the layout is based on a sketch I saw on Pintrest.  I wanted to keep it pretty simple.  Truth time:  I haven't opened MDS in about a month!  GASP!!!!!  I'm so out of practice!!  It's horrible too, I really want to get started on my Disney album but just haven't found the time to sit and MDS.  So nothing fancy on this page, some quick stitching, some doilies, and some sequins (LOVE!).  So that's it from me.  Have a great Monday!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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