Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pros And Cons

This card is super duper simple.  But the whole point of this card was just to test out Stampin' Up!'s new Photopolymer Stamps that arrived on my doorstep yesterday.  I did this card and just played in general with the stamps and I'll give you my personal list of pros and cons, keep in mind this is my personal list and mine only.  This isn't SU's opinion nor any other demonstrator's opinion :)  I'll start by saying I'm a fan of the wood stamps, always have been, always will be.  So lets get started, let's do the pros first......
...They're clear, I mean CLEAR!  You can see right through them and right where you're going to stamp.  Though even with this feature, I still manage to stamp crooked :)  They're super sticky.  These stamps stick to your clear blocks easily and don't budge.  They're inexpensive, this trial set that SU is offering is only $13.95 for a set of 57!  Seriously!  Overall they did a good job stamping, there are a few inconsistencies but that could be attributed to my stamping, you know how much pressure to use etc.  And finally, there are no ghost lines, I tested this to no end.  I made sure the stamps were super inky, even on the edges and center where you normally wouldn't want ink, then I pressed and held really hard and it left no extra lines.  (I did do this with the larger images, I haven't really tested the smaller images and ghost lines yet.)
Let's get to the cons.  I'm not a fan of the packaging.  They come between two piece of window sheets in a cello bag.  In thinking of long term use and storage, I can see the bag ripping, plus in my room I store my stamps in a cabinet and use the labels on the side of the boxes to identify the sets, so this cello bag won't work.  I'll have to buy the empty clear cases to store the stamps.  They're pretty stinky, I'm pretty sensitive to smells (at least since both of my pregnancy's-it's one of those things that never went away), it's a strong paint smell-not a fan of that :(  Finally I want to do more research on the photopolymer material.  I just can't see it being earth friendly, which is of some concern to me.  I know my pro list is longer but I'm still not sure I'm convinced that I love these new stamps.  I don't think that they compare to our quality rubber.  If I had to choose I'd choose wood and rubber stamps every time :)  I hope I was a little helpful.  I'd LOVE to hear what you think, please leave me a comment and let me know. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that they stain. I know that's a HUGE concern for you! Who wants dirty stamps??? ;) Your Stalker