Monday, March 25, 2013

Huge Class, Huge Thanks!

On Saturday I had, probably one of my biggest classes ever!!  I was so touched that so many of my customers and downline came to celebrate my 10th anniversary with Stampin' Up!  I had a crowd of about 20, which is almost double what my normal classes are!  It was great to see so many people!!  Don't these cupcakes look yummy!  We'll get back to those later!
First I wanted to give gifts to everyone who came!  I wanted to show my appreciation to them, so everyone that came got to take home a whole package of rhinestones and some of our super fun doilies!  We use rhinestones all the time at my classes (probably next to dimensionals it what my customers see the most of).  The doilies are just fun!  Plus they also got some of our soda tops too!  They used the soda tops for a project, the doilies and rhinestones were theirs to take home and enjoy :) 
That's alot of packaged rhinestones!!! The tags were made in MDS of course!  Would you expect anything else!!!  I had been working for a week on all the little touches for this class.  Mostly at night after the kids went to bed :)  Gotta get it done when you can!
The cupcakes were really yummy!!  I did not bake the cupcakes!  I was asked that over and over again!  While I do think I'm a fairly good baker, I'm not good at icing the cakes or cupcakes.  They never turn out quite right :)  So the cupcakes were purchased!  Truth is I probably wouldn't have had time to make them even if I wanted too.
I did however make the little toppers!  Aren't they cute!  I used a 12x1 piece of cardstock, scored every 1/4 inch then accordion folded them.  Glue the ends together so you have a circle and then flatten it out.  I used a glue gun to adhere them together.  It dries fast and it holds!  I used MDS again and printed out the center and then used my circle punch to punch them all out and stick them to the finished lollies.  I'll share with you the projects made at my class tomorrow and Wednesday, PS I LOVE THEM!!!!  You'll want to check back!!!  
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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