Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cough....I'm Back?

Well kind of.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  Last week I had all my post scheduled on Monday for the entire week!  Yay me!!!  I also was able to do Monday of this week-last week.  Yep I thought I was on top of things, organized and ready!  Well then Logan got sick, stay at home with Mom sick, fever sick, coughing sick.  ICK!  Poor kid.  Well normally Logan bounces back quickly and so on day 3 of missing school I began to wonder is this more than just a cold.  Well when he didn't eat lunch that day I knew it was time to see a doctor.  His doctor wasn't in that day so we went to urgent care.  Good thing too, turns out Logan was on the verge of a horrible ear infection and if we had waited another day it would have been 100 times worse.  So after a few does of antibiotics Logan was back a school.  I thought that was it, we were done with it!  Then Sunday I was feverish and sick, coughing the whole thing! Monday was bad too, then Megan starts coughing, and the worst sound in the world is a little baby coughing.  Poor Megan and I had been hit!  Megan saw a doctor yesterday and the doctor said she's doing ok, just your run of the mill cold and cough.  Geez!  So now we're hoping it's run it's course and we can all be on the path to recovery now.  I was able to do a little stamping yesterday, I'm not completely thrilled with the card but I haven't been thinking very clear the last day or two so I'm going to blame it on that. 
But before we get to the card, have you seen these in the stores??????  Now if anyone out there ever wants to buy me a present :) this is what I want :)  These are so yummy!  If you follow my blog you already know of my slight obsession with Ghirardelli dark chocolate (it has to be dark, I'm not a fan of milk chocolate).  When I saw these I thought I'd pass out, I found them at the store while picking up Logan's prescription (so something good did come out of all that)!  They're so yummy!!!!  I love them!!!  They're new so they might not be everywhere and like other new stuff sometimes they don't stick around so I'll be stocking up on them while they're on the shelves :)  And if anyone from Ghirardelli is reading this please don't make them a one time or seasonal item : / 

Ok, as much as I'm sure you'd love to hear me go on and on about my chocolate obsession (it is an obsession) you probably want to see a card. Now on the one hand, it's not my best card, but it's still cute and blog worthy (believe me there's plenty I don't show you).  But the most exciting part is that it uses a brand new stamp set!!!  Yay!!!!  This is the Bright Blossoms Set.  If you're a demonstrator you can preorder it now, if you're a customer you can get it in April.  If you were at Managers Reception at Leadership you already have it!!!  I'm super excited about all these new products.  I have some new DSP and a new DIE coming today that I can't wait to show you!!!!

It's really cute, it comes with little flowers and vases so fun!!!  I added a simple flower with my circle punches.  So fun.  I used my markers to color the image: So Saffron, Lucky Limeade, Pool Party.  I added some texture with the polka dot folder and some ribbon.  I'm really glad I added the ribbon, it looks so much better with it.  So that's all from me for today.  Since I've lost about a week of work I'm really far behind and I have a class this weekend.  I'm super excited and I'm almost ready but now that Logan's on spring break my time has been compromised again.  Maybe I can get Logan to help.......Thanks for sticking by me this week, hopefully I'm back to posting daily (m-f anyway). 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it! And I'm so happy you're feeling better! The chocolate is surely aiding in your healing! I got my summer smooches order yesterday and I'm DYING for the weekend to come so I can play with all the fun stuff! .... Your Stalker

Karen said...

Love this card, Ruth. Very ... calming, I guess, would be my description. My new stuff is coming next week ... can't wait to play with them!
Great job!