Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trim the Tree

We've had our tree up for almost 2 weeks now and every year I can't help but make a few new ornaments. Both of these were 'tester' ornaments. I thought about doing them for a class but never got things together fast enough. But I still really like these ornaments and both are super easy to make, especially with kiddos. Perhaps next year I'll get my act together in time and do the kids Christmas ornament class like I wanted to do this year :)

The first ornament is with our fabric. I used the circle #2 die and cut out 4 of them. I used glue to glue them together but I think next time I will use the iron adhesive sheets we have (I forgot I had those). But I think it would work a hundred times better!
It's still super cute and there's a couple little baubles on the bottom of it, it's a little hard to see though.

The next one I saw on splitcoast, and I'm sorry I didn't save the link to give the proper credit, but thanks to whoever thought this one up, it's super cute!!
Again I used the circles #2 die for his belly and the 1 3/4 circle punch for his head. Some treat cups with fake 'snow' in them and you have a super cute snowman. Isn't he just the funnest!!?! I think this one would be a huge hit with the kiddos, so again like I said, next year I'll get my act together and hold that kids ornament class. In the meantime, I'll keep 'experimenting'.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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