Friday, December 17, 2010

Logan's Magic Notebook

Last night was supposed to be our demonstrator Christmas party, but thanks to a snow storm we had to postpone it until Monday. But I won't be able to attend on Monday so I won't have pictures from the event. BUT I did drop off my gift exchange so I'll at least be able to show you what awesome gift I'm going to get in exchange :) I'll post on Tuesday what I made for my gift so check back then! I had it scheduled to go up today but thankfully I remembered to reschedule it so that the surprise wouldn't be ruined for those that will be attending on Monday. Hope you guys have a great time!!! I'll miss you!!!

Anyway, I have a pretty awesome project for you today. It's not really a magic notebook as my title would suggest but it's pretty cool and Logan thinks it's magic. He helped me make this. The idea of the notebook is that sometimes when Logan gets dragged along to places that will be particularly boring for him (appointments, meetings, etc) he'll have something to keep him entertained. He loves to draw and color so I thought this was perfect!
I used lots of SU fabric on this one and their adhesive sheets which I have to say are A-MA-ZING!! I just love them!!! This is a completely NO SEW project! So if I can do it you can too!!
No, your eyes are not deceiving you I did emboss the fabric!
Isn't it just so awesome!?! I saw the embossed fabric on Linda Heller's blog and just had to try it and I have to say, it's amazing in person and you really should try it! If you're wondering how I did it well you'll have to check out Linda Heller's blog. She has a video and explains it so much better than I ever could so check that out!
So that's the front of the notebook now the 'magic' part is in the back. We used the fabric and made two pockets for him to store stickers and crayons. Everything is held together with the fabric adhesive sheets-I'm telling you they're amazing! Isn't it just adorable? So hopefully he'll have endless hours drawing and coloring in his notebook and when he is dragged to 'boring grown up places' he'll be able to stay entertained. At least that's my hope!

So fun! I have a week of post ready to go up. So that I can enjoy the week before Christmas finishing up the gifts, wrapping, baking, etc. You know how it goes :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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