Friday, October 18, 2013

Meet Theodore Billingston

It's time for our blog hop!!  You might have just arrived from Michelle's blog.  If that's the case welcome!  If not welcome still!!!  I hope you continue on with the hop!  This months theme is Thanksgiving.  We're sharing all kinds of projects that will inspire you this Thanksgiving. Today I'm introducing you to Theodore Billingston and his son Taddy Billy.  Logan thought they needed names so I named Theo and Logan named Taddy.  They're pretty adorable aren't they!!!?!! 
Theodore Billingston was inspired by this fun project that I came across on Pintrest.  I loved the little candy legs but I wanted something that I could pull out every year.  So instead of candy legs he has accordion folded legs, which are just tooooo cute!!!!! 
When I saw this turkey made with none other than the bow die in the Holiday Catalog I instantly put the bow die on my wishlist!!!  It wasn't there before, while I thought the bows were cute I really couldn't see myself using it much......then I saw this and my little brain started going!  I knew instantly I had to have it.  It WILL be used for so much more than just bows!!!  Though they look very complicated they're actually pretty easy to make (with the help of the bow die).  Their feathers are just half of the largest bow folded in half.  Theo has a total of 20, while Taddy has 9. 
Here's a close up of them.  They are just toooooo cute!!!!  They sit on little shelf's perfectly or you could make them the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table.  SOOOOOOO cute!!!!    Now it's time to keep hoping on our blog hop.  Next up is Amber.
Here's the hop line up in case you get lost along the way. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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