Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kids And Stamps

I let Logan and Megan loose in my stamp room on Tuesday.  They wanted to make cards for their Grandpa who's birthday is Saturday.  Aside from opening ink pads and cleaning stamps I didn't help at all.  I have a pile of precut cardstock (all retired colors) so that they don't need help with that, they can just pick the colors they want and go.  Megan looks so happy stamping.  Logan is busy cutting, he had an idea in mind and went with it.  Megan I think just stamped. 
Here's Megan's card.  I hope Grandpa likes his pink card :)  She doesn't understand that not everyone is as big of fan of the color pink as she is.  She used the A Fitting Occasion stamp set.  These are perfect for her.  Lots of stamps perfectly sized for her hands. 
Here's Logan's.  The only thing I helped with was punching the circles.  He couldn't quite use the punch and hold the cardstock, his hands need to be slightly bigger.  I hope you enjoy these sweet little cards. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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