Friday, August 24, 2012

Sailing By With A Congratulations

I bet you thought I'd have another MDS project for you today huh?  Well I do have lots more MDS pages and projects for you, but to prove that indeed I haven't forgotten how to stamp I thought I'd share a quick card with you :)  This card is for a good friend who I'm co hosting a baby shower for tomorrow-Jamie if you're reading this STOP or keep going you've already seen the pictures anyway :)  This is the card that I'm attaching with my gift--more on that next week :)  I love how this card came out!!!  It's a gate fold card so it opens to either side from the middle and the waves overlap to keep it closed.  Isn't that cute and cleaver?!!! 
Inside is says 'Congratulations'. I was going to put it outside but there wasn't a good place outside.  I love this little card and I'm not joking-it was a 5 minute card!!!!  Not that Jamie isn't worth more than 5 minutes but 5 minutes is all I had left!  I'm off to the rest of my baby shower prep today!  Make sure to tune in all next week for the rest of my baby shower goodies, this shower is pretty much sponsored by SU!!!!  :)  heee hee!!!  I have at least 5 posts ready with baby shower festivities!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Katie said...

Way cute, what stamp set for the sailboat?