Monday, April 30, 2012

Naked Buttons

If you're a fan of mine on facebook you might have seen my clue that I left on Friday afternoon.  I said, "What can you make with some acrylic paint, a package of SU Brights Buttons and some rhinestones and pearls???? Tune into my blog Monday morning and find out!"  What do you think!  Cute right?!!  What I failed (on purpose) to mention in the clue is that you also need a wood block letter and some acrylic paint to finish this project :)  Thought that might be too obvious.  This is so pretty in person!  I painted the letter M with white paint then I had some purple glitter paint that I painted over, so it's pretty sparkly.  Some of the buttons have rhinestones, some have ribbon or twine, some have pearls.  Then there are those 'naked' buttons!  I have a major problem with naked buttons.  When I use buttons on a card I always put something in them, sometimes it's a tiny piece of cardstock, or twine, or thread, but it's always something, I don't like naked buttons!  But I had to get over my naked button pet peeve with this project.  I thought about adding something to all of them but it looked so busy and wild, (also not my style).  So as hard as it was for me, I had to leave the buttons naked.  In the end I don't mind the naked buttons, it goes with this project-----but don't expect to see any naked buttons on my cards!  :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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