Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sparkling Pear!

I know this is day 3 of my glitter class, and for those that attended my glitter class and were hoping to see something new this week-sorry!  Tomorrow I promise!  This one was so fun to make and is possibly my favorite card--though I really do love them all! For this card we used the Dazzling Details (it was in the Holiday Mini but has been carried over so you can still buy it!!! Yippeee!!!)  Anyway, I put a little Dazzling Details on a paper plate then used 1 (just 1) drop of reinker. It will be too dark if you use more than 1.  If you're using a lighter color than you might want a little more. We used Garden Green and More Mustard for these colors 1 was enough.  Once your 'glitter paint' is mixed we used Aqua Painters to watercolor the pear.  It's that an awesome technique!!!!!!!?? 

This pictures shows the glitter a little better.  This is one of my favorite techniques and I may never use Dazzling Details the same ever again!  Just a couple of tips when doing this technique.  If you're doing it in a class or workshop just mix a little at a time, you can always mix more up.   A little goes a long way and it dries pretty quickly, you don't want it to dry out between uses.  Also make sure you wash your aqua painters right after you're done.  They wash very easily as long as you don't wait.  I've never had it dry up on my aqua painter-I've been good about cleaning them but I can only image that if it dries on your aqua painter what a mess that would be.  You can also use a regular paintbrush and water for this technique.  The great thing about using the aqua painters is that you can control how much water comes out, you want some to blend but not alot.  Hope that all makes sense :)  So let me know what you think of my cards from my class, do you have a favorite?