Friday, April 27, 2012

MDS Times Two!

It was suggested to me last night at our shoebox swap that since I've gotten sooooo many pages in MDS done I should be posting more than one when I do post them.  So Kim, this post is for you!!!!  I have been an MDS maniac lately.  But I'm having so much fun with it.  I'm almost half way through my 2011 pictures!  I can't wait to see a printed album!!!!!!  Yay!!!!  More motivation to get it done!!!  Here's some of my pages from my 2011 album.  The first one, I have to say I just LOVE, I love the pictures, I love the journaling, I love the font.  This layout was a layout I saw on Pintrest and made it digital!  These pictures of Logan and Megan just make me happy!  They're so cute and Logan still adores his little sister just as much now as he did in these pictures!!! 

The next page, I'm very happy with, especially since I made it up!  I didn't copy any layout on this page!  Yay me!!! Perhaps I'm a scrapbooker after all!!!!!!!  These are pictures of Megan in the bath last year.  Everyone has those bath photos right???  But look how cute she is, how could I not take those pictures and scrapbook them!?!!!  The colors are perfect, the paper is perfect I just LOVE it all!!!!  Yay!!!  That's all for me today.  I hope you have a great stampin' weekend!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! I got a mention on your blog! You know that will only further encourage my stalker, tendancies, right? Anyway ... I love the pages and I'm so psyched you posted TWO of them! YAY!! You're inspiring me to get my MDS groove on! ~ Your Stalker