Monday, September 20, 2010

The Elephant and Giraffe

No baby news to report. As everyone at church kept saying yesterday, "You're still pregnant?" Yep, still pregnant. But as far as I'm concerned I'm 36 weeks so baby can come anytime. Dan isn't so sure. He's more under the impression that I should go to my due date. Yes technically I'm not due for another 4 weeks but since I've been sick since February and with new problems added to the pregnancy every week, I'm ready to be done! I can't wait to eat 'normally' again. Wake up without feeling, or getting sick. I'm giving it until 38 weeks then I think I'm talking to the doctor about a TOP induction. My friend whose Mom is a midwife says that's a term doctors and nurses use for a "Tired Of bring Pregnant" induction. Not sure if my doctor will go for it. But I'm totally ready to be done :)

But onto the elephant and giraffe. I was inspired by this post from Shelli Gardner, CEO and Co founder of Stampin' Up! She had the most adorable little bears made from our new fabric on her blog and I wanted some of my own!! Well for the baby :) So I asked the person who sews everything for me, my Mom, if she could make some. So we went on a search for a teddy bear pattern, I have one that I used for Logan but the bear was HUGE! So we were looking for something a little smaller and found this pattern. For those of you that do sew, my Mom said it was a very easy patten to follow, for those of you like me who didn't even understand the directions it might be a little more challenging but I bet you can do it!! So I loved the pattern we got it and I thought the elephant and giraffe would fit better in the baby's room anyway since it already has alot of jungle animals in there from stuff we saved from Logan's room. So we got the pattern and ordered the fabric. Thinking we'd need more than one package we got 2, only to be pleasently surprised that the animals could be cut out of one package!! So I have an extra packge but have already started using it for another project :) But anyway I digress so here are the finished elephant and giraffe!!

Aren't they just so cute sitting on the baby's changing table? I added the bows to them, it changed the look of them sooo much! And the best part of it these animals are 99% made from SU products. The eyes are from our neutral buttons with linen thread and the fabric is all from the Deck the Halls package. The only thing that isn't SU is the stuffing, and the mane on the giraffe but the rest is 100% SU isn't that awesome!! I think these will be more of decoration in the baby's room than toys. I may even take them to workshops and classes. Wouldn't they be great little mascots!?!

I think the little baby elephant is my favorite!!! But the little baby giraffe is also really cute. I put the bows on their ears to make them girl animals but you could easily but a little bow tie on them to make them boys. Or make a boy and a girl that would be cute too! Here's the giraffe close up!

Aren't they just the cutest!! When the fabric first came out I thought I would never like the Deck the Halls Fabric, I like the brightness of the Candy Cane Fabric better, but after these little animals I think I have a new favorite!!!!
I have more super exciting posts this week. I'll be showing you the nurse gifts I made and hopefully some Christmas and Halloween projects (assuming I can get my act together to stamp this week). The house could use a good clean (hmmmm, maybe some deep heavy cleaning will induce labor) and I have and appointment with the dietian today and another ultrasound and Dr appointment on Wednesday. So it's going to be a busy week but I'll find time to stamp, I always do!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!


Cindy Major said...

That is SOO adorable! Love the button eyes and the hair on the giraffe!


Rochelle said...

These are SOOO cute! Now I just want to sew something! :)