Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christmas Treats

I really should be working on Halloween stuff, but I'm having so much fun making Christmas stuff right now! But we'll get to the project in a second. I haven't posted in a couple of days and you may (or may not) be wondering if anything has happened. NOPE! Still pregnant. I've been doing lots of things to try to get labor going. I walked a TON over the weekend and into this week. Monday I turned the house inside out cleaning it. And I'm horrified to mention this, but it's still not as clean as I would like. It's pretty clean and if you were to come over right now, besides a few dog toys and kid toys being on the floor you might say, 'this is a clean house'. But when you really look, there's still dust, there's still the oven that could use a huge clean, there's still the messy closets and a few more things that bother me but probably wouldn't bother anyone else :) But anyway, so Monday morning before lunch, I had done 2 loads of laundry, cleaned 2 bathrooms from top to bottom, striped and remade 2 beds, done the dishes, and gave the dog a much needed bath. In the afternoon after Logan's nap I vacuumed, Logan dusted (which means the bottom 3 feet of my house are semi dust free but nothing about that), then I moped. I've been told and probably it's true that I was/am nesting, but really I was hoping that ALL that would induce labor. No luck! So now I have more time on my hand. And in my last post I warned you that if I didn't have the baby I would think of more people to make baby announcements for and I did! I'll show you those soon. So now my desk which was half covered in chocolate is now 3/4 covered in chocolate baby announcements. So if this baby doesn't come soon I may not have a desk at all. I seriously have so many chocolate announcements on my desk that I had to make a list of who I made which ones for. It's such an addiction, I NEED HELP!!

But somewhere in between making baby announcements I managed to squeeze in a Christmas project. Would you like to see it? Of course you would, why else would you be here, certainly not to hear me rambling on and on :)

Isn't it A-DOR-A-BLE! I love it!!! I saw this variation on the candy wrapper die on Dianne Shiozaki's blog. I LOVED it and had to make my own!!
I punched out the window with the large oval punch and added a window sheet on the inside behind it. Looking at it now, I should have wrapped the Snickers in some DSP to match the box but wasn't thinking about that at the time. I was only thinking about how cute the box was!

I love this box! And I know that I say it EVERY TIME I get a new die but this one is my new favorite, I just love it!!
I have another doctors appointment tomorrow, so we'll see what the doctor says and how much longer I have to wait. I have been having contractions that are getting stronger, but they're not frequent enough to time or get too excited about but I'm hoping with everything I'm doing I can induce labor. I'm pretty sure, almost positive actually, that my doctor will be inducing me soon. I really don't want to be loaded up with Pitocin, so that's why I'm so eager to get this baby out using natural induction. But if the doctor says lets do it today, I woudn't say no! But anyway, I'll keep you up to date on what's going on!!
Stamp Set: Teeny Tiny Wishes
Cardstock: Cherry Cobbler, Deck the Halls DSP, Very Vanilla, Early Espresso
Ink: Early Espresso
Accessories: Large Oval and Scallop Oval Punches, Big Shot, Candy Wrapper Die, Early Espresso Taffeta and Striped Ribbon, Window Sheets, Glue Dots, Sticky Strip
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Ruth what a wonderful project you have on your blog! thanks for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog! Happy stamping!