Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby or No Baby.....

Well what started out as a normal day with a doctor's appointment quickly ended with a trip to the hospital. So let me explain. I went to my doctor's appointment as normal today. They did the ultrasound, said baby wasn't moving too much and that they wanted to hook me up to the monitors again too. So after about 30 minutes of that and baby still not being active, they said 'Go to the hospital now!' My doctor said, it may be that baby is just in an intense sleep cycle or that my protein from breakfast had worn off and baby was just extra tired. So to be safe and make sure it wasn't anything else, she wanted me to be monitored at the hospital for a few hours. She said that they would probably hook me up to a sugar IV drip and see how baby reacted that. If baby was still nonreactive they would do more ultrasounds and decide weather or not to induce, or do a C-section. So me thinking this would just be a normal appointment I left the bag at home, didn't even bring it with me to the appointment-of course! This after talking with Dan last night debating whether or not to take the bag. So I called Dan, told him what was going on he said he'd meet me at the hospital. I call my Mom to meet me at my house, pick up the bag so she could take me to the hospital. So when I got home. I repacked everything I had taken out of my bag and we were off. In triage at the hospital, Dan paced back and forth so much I thought he was going to walk a hole right through the floor, and this is just triage, we're not even in labor! They started me out just on baby heart monitors to see what baby was doing and wouldn't you know it, as soon as they hooked me up baby started having a party! Tons of movement, normal heart rates, completely normal and fine. So after a couple hours of being hooked up to the heart monitors, they said baby looked good and there would be NO induction. I do however have to go back to the doctors office on Friday for more tests and monitoring. It will be my 3rd visit there this week alone! They should really start paying me, I'm putting in so many hours there! So that was my day. This will end soon, it has to.....right?

Anyway I do have a project for you. I figured I better get this posted now before baby comes or I may not have a chance. I've been wanting to post the nurse/doula gifts for a while but haven't gotten around to it so I'm taking this opportunity now! I just love them. They came out so much cuter than I thought. I wanted them to be super easy so I could get them done quickly. With the help of the hostess DSP pack I had little cutting. The only cutting I did was the white cardstock. This project went so fast. I made 36 of them. We certainly won't have 36 nurses or doulas but I made a bunch for Dan to take to work and for us to give to friends. Kind of like the 'cigar' of our generation.

They're so cute. They're huge candy sliders. I used king size Hershey bars. The 6x6 paper was the perfect size! If you have questions on how to make candy sliders let me know. They've been around for a while so I won't go into huge details on how they're made.

Here's some close ups of them.
I thought my favorite would be the Blush Blossom but I ended up LOVING the Poppy Parade one the most! I used my blender pens and watercolor pencils to color the bear. Then punched the greeting with the Word Window punch and layerd it on a Modern Label punch. I love this look with only half the word window layered!

I love the Concord Crush one too! I used all of my retired Chocolate Chip ribbon on these. I had some in grosgrain and the satin. It's all gone now.
Hopefully next time I go to the hospital I'll get to leave with a baby :) I don't have a supply list today, I am literally exhausted after the events of the day. So if you have questions on the sliders let me know and I will get back to you.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

First, Congratulations! I know you are very excited about the new baby. I love the candy slider. I have never seen the idea before. Could you please send me the directions.
thank you so much. What a cute idea. good luck with the new baby.