Friday, July 30, 2010

One Big Meeting and One Tiny Project

Last night was our Demonstrator Downline Meeting. I know that I say this every month and every month I truly mean it, but I am fortunate to be in the best group of demonstrators! I always look forward to the meetings and I always leave energized and excited!!

My upline Amber started the meeting sharing about convention, I was so bummed I missed it but with baby due in just a few months, traveling wasn't an option :( Next year's probably out too since baby won't even be a year old but I have my sights on Leadership 2012!! But back to the meeting, Amber shared about convention and we all chatted and had a great time!! The demos were AWESOME!! Everyone did a great job and we even had some new people demo this month which is always exciting to see. For some unknown reason to me I didn't get pictures of the demos, I know Amber did though so I'll see if I can round them up for you :)

We had some new people in our group last night so we went around and introduced ourselves and told our story of how we became demonstrators. So by the end of the meeting we were all reminded of how great it is to be a demonstrator and all the different reasons people sign up. I signed up almost 7 1/2 years ago. I had just gotten married and I didn't want a "real" job. I wanted a job that had flexible hours and that I could have fun doing. I had been stamping previously but not with SU products. My mom remembered attending a SU workshop before and so we went online and found the companies website and found the demonstrator closest to me, which was Amber. So I met her and signed up. 7 years later I'm so glad I did! The SU family is like none other, I've met amazing people through SU, I've overcome a fear of talking in front of people. When I first started I was so nervous when I would do a workshop but now if you put a stamp in my hand you can't shut me up!!! :) I LOVE being a part of the SU family and I would love to talk to you about joining the family. There's so much freedom in doing this, being able to set your own hours and work when you need to or want to is such a blessing and I've been reminded of that fact more this year than ever before. Between having to take months off for being incredibly sick to taking some time off in a few months after baby comes. There are no words for the joy I feel for this company, I'm so glad I'm a part of it! Wow, I've been rambling for a loooong time. I bet you're ready to see the 3 minute demo I did last night right???

It's super cute. I adapted this idea from a Big Shot die and did it with our punches!! I made this box using the petal card die and I loved it!! So when I got the new Petal Card Punch I had to make a tiny version of the box.

It is teeny tiny but isn't it adorable?!?!?! I used some of the new Subtles DSP for this one and our new Vintage Brads-LOVE THOSE!!!! The box is super easy to make. You'll need to punch 4 Petal Cards, trim off one of the petals on each one. Then you'll create the box simply by putting adhesive on the petal that's on the opposite side of the petal you cut off. Line up your 4 petal cards glue the cut side of one to the petal that has adhesive on it on another one. I hope that makes sense if you're totally confused leave a comment or email me and I'll do a quick tutorial for you.
The top and bottom don't need adhesive unless you want to put some on the bottom just in case, but they inter lap and close so easily. I did put some adhesive on the bottom of mine because It wasn't sitting flat. So what on earth do you put in this teeny tiny box......

Chocolate-of course!---Why would you put anything else?? These are the little tiny candy bars, and they fit perfectly!!
You could also do other chocolate. At the meeting, Pam suggested Hershey Kisses, you could fit a few M&M's. You may even be able to fit a Stampin' Spot in there. I'll have to test that :) My hope is to make a bunch of them in Christmas DSP and stamps and attach linen thread to the top and make little ornaments--HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE!!!?? I can't wait to do that! I'll make sure to post when I make those! I'm giddy just thinking about the little Christmas chocolate boxes!!
I think I've gone on long enough. Thanks for reading until the end!! I have lots of great ideas in my head from seeing Amber's convention goodies so hopefully I'll be back soon with another project. Have a great weekend!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


zainy3018 said...

This box is super cute!!! I love the idea of making them into ornament gifts with the chocolate in them. I might have to try that out once I order that punch! Thanks so much for sharing!

Bev Dahl said...

How stinkin' cute is that! I have that punch on my next order but am not quite catching the concept of what you did by cutting one petal off. can you send or post pictures?