Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Projects Coming!

I promise, new projects are coming. I had hoped to get some up today but time isn't on my side today. We took Chase to the vet and found out he's half schnauzer and half terrier and is about 13 weeks old. I've spent the rest of the day preparing for a class I have tomorrow. Still not ready :)

Yesterday was stamp camp and I was exhausted after it was over. I took my camera but did I take any pictures, NOPE, NADA, NOT EVEN ONE! I forgot I had it with me until I was unpacking today. Stamp camp went great though, even if there's no pictures to document it :)

I placed my first order from the new catalog last night and I'm so anxious to get my new stuff. SU please ship fast!!! Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week and have some super fun stuff to show you!!

Check back tomorrow, if I can finish getting ready for my class tonight I'm hoping I can post some projects tomorrow morning before my class. I have a bunch to show you, lots of stamp camp projects and some other cards I've done.

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