Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diaper Bag

Where to begin.....hmmmm...what a week it's been. It started with an ultrasound on Tuesday where baby was showing to be growing bigger than it should be, measuring at 30 weeks instead of 28 and showing I have fybroids too. Then Thursday it was glucose test number 2 that came back with high numbers and we found out I'm anemic. So iron pills have been added to the list of pills I take everyday. I'm pretty much a walking pharmacy at this point, and with the amount of iron I'll be taking I better not go through any metal detectors :) My doctor wants me to go in for the 3 hour glucose test but I know I can't do that one. You have to fast entirely for that one and I just can't fast, I'll get sick and throw up and then the test won't matter anyway. So I'm waiting to hear back from the Dr about what to do with high blood sugar numbers. I'm guessing a trip to the specialist in this area and major diet changes are in order (though I'm not eating unhealthy as it is-snacks consist mainly of fruits or veggies, meals aren't unhealthy. Though I do indulge in the occasional ice cream it's not an unhealthy diet). This pregnancy cannot end soon enough as far as I'm concerned. I'm now 29 weeks but the end still seems soooo far off. I just hope someday I'll be back to normal. Someday I will wake up and not be nauseous....right? But in my efforts to get ready for baby I headed over to my parents house today to enlist my Mom and her sewing skills to make my diaper bag. I had the vision she had the skills.

I'm very pleased with it. It took a while to find the right fabric, but I think we did a good job. The outside is made with the square scallop die for the big shot. I'll be making little things to add onto the diaper bag. I did get one of our simply adorned charms for it. It was going to go on the zipper but we decided not to do a zipper so I may just make a little charm with it to to hang off one of the straps instead. This bag was made in only one day too!! I arrived probably around 9am and we were done by 2:30 including a break for lunch and trip to the store to get batting.

Isn't it cute though, it's hard to tell in the picture but the brown fabric is ruffled up along the top. There was lots of talk about adding buttons where each of the squares intersected but we decided against that too.

We added pockets inside for little things too. I used the scallop die for those too. It's super cute and I really love it.
So next on the list to get ready for baby: put together crib, laundry and organize toys. Then I think we'll finally be ready :)
That's all here. Hopefully things will start to look up for this pregnancy. As far as I know baby is still doing ok in there, the doctors haven't said otherwise, it's the rest of me that's falling apart :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!


Kay Jantz said...

Very cute, just like you. I love your precious smile! Great looking bag, love the colors.


A Touch of SOL said...

TOO CUTE! Love the colors...Where can I find the instructions/pattern.
Marisol Gutierrez