Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rosettes and Retired Lists

I had a super productive weekend, how about you? I finally buckled down and cleaned out my cardstock cabinet. It didn't take as long as I thought, Dan was my happy helper (well, maybe not so happy but he helped). I think I had procrastinated so long because I wasn't quite sure how to do it. In the end Dan and I put my filing cabinet on a blanket and pulled it into the living room where I was able to empty the whole thing and sort it. I think that worked pretty well. Just as I suspected it was pretty heartbreaking to go through it. Look at all the colors leaving.....

Where on earth am I going to store all this cardstock?
I told Dan "These are all the colors they're getting rid of, what am I going to do with this cardstock"
To which his reply was "I don't know, don't get rid of it though, make cards or whatever with it" Ummm, gee thanks...I guess.
I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it. I may combo it with the coordinating ink pad and ribbon (if I have it) and sell it at stamp camp. Maybe I'll give it to Logan-well not all of it! I just don't know BUT I do know myself and I won't use it once it's retired. I have a dozen stamp sets that I just couldn't part with when they retired and I would literally have to wipe the dust off them to use them. So any thoughts about what to do with my stack of cardstock?

Anyway, today is June 1. Retired Lists are out and demos are starting to stalk the UPS men. We get our new catalog with our first orders today through the end of June. If that's exciting to you, you may want to sign up to be a demonstrator to get all these awesome little perks!!! Plus right now SU has a $99 starter kit sale!! If you want more details let me know, I'd LOVE to talk to you about it!!

But about the retired list, if you haven't already seen them you're probably very interested. So here they are. Remember accessories are only available while supplies last and some have already sold out.
Retiring Stamp Sets
Retiring Accessories
Retiring Defiantly Decorative

For the project today I thought I show you what I did my my 3 minute demo last week at our meeting. I used our satin ribbon and made rosettes with them and then attached them to a hand towel. The thought behind this was that you could use the big shot and cut out initials of a bride and groom, attach them to the towel and you have an original, beautiful shower gift or wedding gift!
I wish I could take credit for this idea but I saw a towel like it on split coast. I can't find it again though. So if you see it on split coast, that's where I got my inspiration!

If anyone is interested in learning to make these rosettes, let me know, I'd be happy to show you, they're really easy!!
The pink one is my favorite!!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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Blackwell Bunch said...

You can send it to my house that sounds like a great idea. Consider it a wedding gift :)