Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Standing in Line and shopping

Just finished with our shoebox swap, what a great time. Lots of stamping and fun people!
Today we went to the convention center and stood in line for almost 2 hours just to get into Memento Mall. Then we stood in line another hour just to check out. 150 dollars later we were out just in time for lunch and then took lots of pictures at the display boards. Where a few of my cards were displayed from contests that I had sent in cards for. How cool!!
Tomorrow we'll get up super early for General Session and then another trip to Memento Mall--YES that's right another trip. They're supposed to release a new surprise for us!
Here's some pictures from today!

Some Memento Mall displays, water bottle, reusable canvas bags, and YES that is a rubics cube in the In-Colors!!!!

The clothing they had for sale. I got the Rich Razzleberry shirt. It's so pretty!!!
Me and my upline amber at the convention center and No we did not plan to dress alike just a weird coincidence!

Here's the line just to get into Memento Mall, the line curves around the corner and then keeps curving until you get to the door. And can you believe we got there early! BUT the good thing is there's plenty of people swapping and no one is bored!

Finally in Memento Mall! This dress is made completely from our DSP. How amazingly stunning is that!!!

Ready to check out, well not for an hour. We were at the very end of that line. We heard later that they were having computer problems and that's why it took so long to check us out.

Display boards, LOVE THESE!!! There's tons of boards with dozens and dozens and dozens of cards and scrapbook pages and 3-D item for you to get ideas and take pictures of. How cool is that.

More display boards, they organize them by color. This is the yellow/orange boards.

That's all for me for tonight. Hopefully I'll have more to show you tomorrow. I may not get a chance to update daily but I'm going to try.

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