Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Roommate Gifts

Sorry there's no Tutorial Today. I leave for Convention Today! Yeah!!! I have all my posts scheduled through Monday but I'll have a laptop with me so I will try to update you either nightly or every morning with what's going on at convention. So there may be multiple posts daily for the next week or so. Check back often for all the exciting news!
For today's project I made these adorable boxes for my roommates and one for my downline Angela-it's her first convention. They're so cute. They're all different (on the outside anyway) the inside they all have the same stuff. Inside they have a 'convention survival kit'.

Here's what in them.
  • Starburst--for that burst of energy
  • Pen and Notepad--To jot down great ideas, tips and email address of new friends
  • Lifesavers--Just in case you're drowning in a sea of new ideas
  • Band-Aid--For any paper cuts that might occur from swapping and flipping through the catalog
  • Drink Mix--All that yelling will make you thirsty
  • Tylenol--Relief for your achy back, head, or feet
  • Chloraseptic Strips--Relief for you sore throat from all the yelling
  • Tissues-For any emotional moments that may come your way

Super Cute!!

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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