Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday-Using SU Texturz Plates

Happy Tutorial Tuesday everyone! I am loving my new textured plates so much! I thought I would do a quick tutorial on them. When I did this tutorial I was still in the midst of unpacking all my new stuff, so please disregard my messy desk. I didn't realize until after I uploaded all the pictures that my desk was messy in pictures too-shocking right. I have about 6 rolls of new ribbon along with my phone next to the big shot and you don't even what to know what it looks like out of the cameras shot-YIKES! Fortunately it looks better now then it did when I did the tutorial. So here we go.
Here's what you'll need-the embossing plates, I'm using SU Backgrounds 1, you're cardstock to emboss and the necessary equipment, big shot, multi purpose platform, Impressions pad and silicone rubber

Now I'll show you how I do it. There's a couple of different ways that I've read/heard about, this is just my preferred method.
I put my platform down, then I use a piece of scrap cardstock as a shim, just to raise it up a tiny bit. I've used this shim over and over again, so just label it and keep it with your embossing plates.

Then goes your embossing plate and cardstock. I'm using the smaller dots for this one.

Then goes your Silicone Rubber, and Impressions Pad. Run it through your big shot and.....

you'll get a dry embossed image! YEAH!!! Don't you just love it!!!

Add it to your card and your done!!!! For this card I'm also using the Congrats SAB set and Darling Dots level 1 hostess set.
That's it, thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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