Thursday, November 23, 2017

Disney Cupcakes!

This is my final project from craft weekend and I'm not even sure they're finished, but they're so cute I had to share them.  I did not come up with this idea first and foremost.  Complete credit goes to Michelle Suit.  She posted a framed image of these Disney cupcakes on Stampin' Up!'s demonstrator Facebook page back in July.  I've had the picture saved to make for a while!!!  If you want to check out Michelle's blog, she does great work you can see her blog here.     
I did have to come up with my own versions of these guys, the exact punches, etc weren't mentioned in the FB post.  But that's ok, I like deconstruction punch art anyway.  The cupcake bottoms and tops are all the same, they're from the Coffee Cups framelits.  The bottom is the little sleeve for your cup and the top is the whipped cream you'd put on a cold coffee.  Each character has a few additional pieces.  Mickey and Minnie's ears are each the 1" Circle Punch. Mickey's buttons and Minnie's spots are the 1/2" Circle Punch and Minnie's bow is from the Cookie Cutter Builder Punch. 
Donald and Goofy are pretty similar and really the only difference is Donald's bow tie.  Both of their hats are from the Coffee Cup framelits, this is the piece that would cut out the coffee beans.  All the pieces, with the exception of white and black are sponged in their coordinating color to add more dimension to each piece.
The cards all have the same basic layout. They're all notecards, with a white panel and a corresponding piece of colored cardstock on the side.  The colored piece is stamped with the diagonal background on all of them while the white panel is stamped with the zigzag stamp from the Work of Art stamp set.  
Pluto's ears were probably the hardest.  I finally figured out the cat's tail in the Cat Punch would work perfectly!  In addition Pluto's collar is just a 1/4" strip of cardstock with a 1/2" circle tag.  I mentioned I wasn't sure if they were done, only because they don't have greetings, do they need greetings, a birthday greeting???  I'm not sure.  That will be determined later when and IF I ever use them.    
Onto the princesses!  Snow White's apple is from the Tree Builder punch and her bow is also from the Cookie Cutter Builder.  
 Cinderella uses a 3/4" Circle Punch for her hair, the bow is from yep you guessed it Cookie Cutter Builder.  And to create the layers on her skirt I used a 1 1/4" Circle punch and trimmed it after it was glued down. 
Finally Tinkerbell, who may actually be my favorite, but who am I kidding I LOVE them all!!!  Tinkerbell's hair is the same as Cinderella.  I thought about adding vellum wings to her but everything I used never looked right.  She's stinkin' cute without them!  That's it!  That's all my projects from craft weekend!  If you're in the USA I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving however you choose to celebrate!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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Jackie said...

Adorable! Great job, these are really fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!