Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Of Life Scrapbook Weekend

Last weekend was the Book Of Life Scrapbook weekend.  If you're not familiar with the Book Of Life it's and animated movie about life, afterlife and love.  It's a cute movie.  I didn't take any pictures so I have (with permission) used some of my friend Kim's pictures.  It was a fantastic weekend filled with friends, crafts, laughs, food, fun and games!  These weekends never disappoint!  This is what the tables looked like when everyone arrived.  So colorful and fun!  I love them!  The beer bottles I made, in 4 different colors.  Big thanks to my Dad for drinking all that beer LOL!
We all have our own assigned seats, there are 28 spots total.  Michelle, my downline who plans and executes these weekends flawlessly never misses a detail.  She planned activities and games to play with every event.  The activities are designed to get you up and moving and meeting new people.  I wish I would have gotten some pics of the actual games.  They were all so much fun!  There was a scavenger hunt, a card making challenge and more!  She always has a little gift after each activity!
One of the things people had requested was some demos of products.  So I volunteered to show some techniques with our new Stampin' Blends markers  Our new Stampin' Blend markers are pretty remarkable and the interest drew quite the crowd!
No craft weekend would be complete without a trip to the Applebee's next door with my BFF Kim for some craft weekend fuel ;)  This trip has become a tradition for us!  Kim's a pretty remarkable women and I'm so glad we get to see each other as often as we do!
Speaking of pretty amazing women, these women are all part of my team.  Michelle of course runs the weekend.  She always enlists the help of her team and I'm so honored to be included in that!  From L-R there's Tracy, Nikki, Cindi, Michelle, me, Anne and Kim.
Coming home and unpacking is always a challenge, I come home with so much more than I go with.  Between all the wonderful gifts from Michelle, everyone else at the weekend is so generous too!  I cam home with more gifts and treats than ever before!  So much more that I had to display it all on the floor instead of on my desk!  Wow!  That's pretty incredible.   
Of course when you do it on the floor there's always the off chance the dog will photo bomb your shot.  It was a fantastic weekend.  If you're interetested in learning more about Michelle's weekends head to her blog.  The next weekend is in February and I CAN'T WAIT!  I did get a few projects accomplished while I was there so I'll share those in the next few days!  Thanks for looking, see you soon!

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