Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lots Of Cards and Updates

So apparently I feel off the face of the earth last week.  I missed 3 days of posting, last Thursday and Friday and yesterday.  Well, the flu hit our house, hard.  Dan was sick right after the new year, the first weekend in January (our anniversary weekend----it was a bad way to celebrate!).  I did what I do when anyone in the house is sick, I quarentine them.  Dan was locked (not really) in our bedroom, meanwhile no one goes in and I'm spraying and cleaning everything with Lysol.  Everything that Dan potentially touched, breathed on or even looked at wierd.....in case  you haven't guessed it I have serious germ issues.  So he was sick for the entire weekend, it wasn't until the middle of last week that he started feeling better.  Then there's me, Monday afternoon it hit me, I started feeling icky and I knew it got me despite my Lysol efforts.  Dan was doing ok at this point so he took over, my parents helped too.  It wasn't until Thursday afternoon that I started to feel a little better.  Now I'm not a fan a germs, not even my own.  I pretty much lived in a bubble of Lysol for 3 days, even a few days later.  I didn't want this spreading to the kids.  Everything I touched got sprayed as soon as I was done touching it.  Every time I got up I sprayed, I think you get the idea.  I was washing my hands constantly.  This was all last week, the week of the 5th....our big stamp camp that I do with my upline Amber was that Saturday.  I pretty much had no option but to get better by the weekend.  Luckily for me I had the good sense to prep for my class over Christmas break so all I had to do was pack everything up on Friday morning.  Whew!!!!  I did have to enlist the kids help in stuffing catalogs in bags for stamp camp, but with a little promise of ice cream they were happy to help.   Aside from a scratch voice on Saturday Stamp Camp went great, now on Monday I think I'm finally 90% back to normal.  Megan has a bad cold now, but Dan and I are pretty sure that it's not what we had, thank goodness.  Just your standard cold, hopefully she'll be better in a couple days.  So there you have it, why I've been MIA the last couple days.  But I'm making it up today with 6 cards!!!
These are the 6 cards that our stamp camp guest got to make.  Amber and I do this class together, twice a year, we choose 3 stamp sets and then we each design 3 cards using the sets.  So our guests get to make 6 cards.  Obviously we wanted to use Sale A Bration sets, it was our Sale a Bration stamp camp after all.  The first set we choose was Simply Wonderful.  I love the greetings in this set.  There's something for everyone.  This is the card I did.  I love cards with rainbows.  I love this card so much!  If you have scraps this is what you want to do with them. I was able to use up lots of my scraps with this card.  So pretty, I love it!!!
Here's Amber's card using the Simply Wonderful set.  It's so pretty and elegant.  I love the use of the washi tape along the bottom too.  What a cleaver idea!
Next up is the Lotus Blossom set.  I think Amber and I both loved this set from the beginning.  I know at stamp camp some people had a little trouble with it, but like anything else it just takes a little practice.  I think once you get it down and how it works, it's gorgeous!  This flower is stamped just using Melon Mambo.  This is the card I designed and I love how elegant it looks!
I wanted to show the flower close up because this is such an amazing set, that with only one ink pad you can achieve such a dramatic flower with so much detail and dimension.  So pretty!!!
This is Amber's card with the Lotus Blossom set.  I almost did my flower in Blackberry Bliss too, I'm glad I changed it to Melon Mambo.  But isn't the Blackberry Bliss flower stunning too.  Again just one ink pad!!!  So pretty!!!!
Finally the last set we choose was A Happy Thing.  This is my card.  I'm totally in love with that little lemon from the set.  I do love the bird as well, but the lemon is so cute!!!  We used makers to color the stamp then add some splatter with the Gorgeous Grunge set (of course!).  Finally I added some gold sequins just to finish it off.  I love the look with the sequins!!!
Amber used the lemon too, this card is so pretty.  The lemon is stamped on vellum and colored on the back with markers.  The vellum is wrapped around an embossed notecard.  Very elegant and beautiful.  I have lots to share, so make sure to check back all week, I have no plans to go missing again! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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