Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pop Up Grad Card

If you need a graduation card, this is the card for you.  I made this for my cousin who's graduating from high school.  I don't know his school colors so I went with a classic black and silver.  You really can't go wrong.  Of course if you know the school colors go with those :)  This card ended up being bigger and more detailed than I thought, but it also ended up super cute so I think it's a win win. 
The front is pretty standard.  I used our Silver Foil Paper and the Arrows Embossing Folder.  I love the look of the embossed foil, even though you can't see much of it on this card.  I also used the Blue Ribbon Stamp set.  I think it's probably the only stamp set I own that specifically says 'congrats grad'.  So it worked out.  Really the front is not the 'wow' part of this card anyway.....'s the inside that makes you say 'Wow!'  This card has two 'insides'.  I'll explain more in a minute.  First let's talk about this hat.  I thought it would be uber cute to have a pop up hat inside.  Well graduation hats are not normal.  If you've worn one you know.  I couldn't get it to look right, so after a couple tries I thought, "Why am I trying to reinvent this, surly someone has done it."  I searched Pintrest for a 'pop up graduation hat tutorial'.  Finally I found this one.  It was easy to understand and it worked perfectly!
Now because this hat takes up a good deal of space on the inside I decided I needed to add another layer to it.  You have to have somewhere to write a note, even if it's just a quick one.  So I trimmed this card down by half and inch and attached it to a sturdier card base of Smoky Slate. 
So now I have plenty of room to write, the hat stands alone anyway.  Of course if you wanted to add a pocket for a gift card or money that could be easily done on the Smoky Slate layer.  I'm so pleased with it!   
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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