Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two Double Pages

I don't normally work in double page layouts.  I would really rather do one page at a time :)  However.....sometimes you have to do a double page layout.  Our princess pictures really needed one.  I wanted the pictures to be a good size and fitting them all on one page made them too small.  This double page layout is so pretty, elegant and fun!!! 
The princesses were all so nice, I don't know which was Logan's favorite.  He did get really shy as soon as we got up to each one.  He had so many questions for all of them, but was a little star struck when it was his turn :)
The second double page layout I did in this book is one from the Logan and Megan's camera.  There were so many pictures to choose from.  Logan and Megan loved being able to take their own pictures.  It was so much fun to look through them too.  Megan took a lot of pictures at the stores at Downtown Disney while sitting in her stroller so there's lots of shots of the toys and other lower displays. 
There's lots of close up face shots :)  I think they enjoyed being goofy with each other.  In the end we do love these pictures and it was so fun to see how Logan and Megan experienced Disney World.   I have one more post with the last of the pages tomorrow then we'll move on to lots of stamped projects! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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