Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Busy Busy!

Has the holiday rush caught up with you too???  I feel like I'm moving non stop.  Do this, do that.  Why is it that we rush and rush during the holiday season?  Is it because it sneaks up on us?  I saw a card similar to this one on Pintrest....can't find it now though.  I thought it was perfect for the Holidays!  I used the Season of Style Journaling Tags.  There's no stamping on this card, none!  It's such a simple, fun, festive card! 
Sorry about the lighting on the pictures.  I really hate hate hate taking pictures at night.  I really try to use natural light.  But I haven't been home during the day in a week.  That's thanks to my jury duty punishment...I mean privilege and obligation as a US citizen.  I've been on a trial for the past week and really, everyone hates jury duty, it's always an inconvenience, but despite me not being home (at all!) it hasn't been that bad.  At least it's interesting and I'm learning soooo much.  And the other 13 people I'm with are in good spirits and are really nice people so it makes it less excruciating and hey I'm getting paid a whopping $6.25/hour.  Whoohooo! I should be back to taking pictures during the day soon, until then there will be some less than ideal photo opts :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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