Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gifts Galore

I shared yesterday what my gift for our Christmas party was.  Today I'm sharing the rest of the gifts!!  They were all amazing!!  I will never get over how creative these women are!!  I'm so fortunate to be in such great company.  We had a really small party, only 5 of us could attend.  So our gift pile is a little smaller than usual.  But onto the gifts!

 Michelle made this wonderful Lap Desk.  The tag reads "Where ever you go enjoy this Lap Desk. It provides you a sturdy surface that works great as you sit on the couch, or floor, or even your bed while watching your favorite show.  Take it with you in the car for long rides or even to create while you are waiting.  Happy Holidays.  Enjoy!"  I love this, Michelle said she would offer a class, I'll be there!

 Next is Karen, I originally opened this gift, but it was stolen from me by Amber.  They're candles (battery operated, vanilla scented) decorated with glitter, shimmery snowflakes.  They sit on a lovely tray, also decorated with glitter and glitz!  It's so beautiful in person, I know why Amber wanted it! 

Amber's gift is next.  I love this project.  There's some fun sneak peeks into the Occasions catalog on this project!  She said she had this frame, with the hooks in them and she embellished it.  She used the burlap ribbon and flowers from a new kit in the Occasions Catalog (January).  It's so pretty and so functional, you could hang keys, jewelry, scissors, really anything from those hooks! 
Finally we get to the gift I got to bring home.  I LOVE IT!!  Isn't this Winter Wreath Beautiful!!!??!  Carmelita made this.  There's so much tulle and sparkle on this wreath, it's perfect!!!!  I did hang it on my door-where else would I put it!!??  There was talk at the party that maybe it should be an indoor wreath so it doesn't get dirty, but our front door is pretty sheltered and we have a glass screen door that is in front of the wreath so I think it will be ok. 

Here's a closer look at it.  It has silver glitter paper, rhinestones and everything else I love!!  What's not to love!!!  So there's a look at our gifts this year!  I love them all!  Can't wait until next year!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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