Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Penguin Pals

This post is short and sweet!  I've been on jury duty and I was called in for not one but two trials.  It ended yesterday, but my name is still in that 'pool' and I could be called back in at any time until December 31....let's hope not though.  I'm exhausted and haven't had time to get anything done, from stamping to Christmas prep nothing has been done.  Jury duty can suck the Christmas cheer right out of you.  But I'm hoping with the holiday's there's a good chance I won't get called back :)  Finger's crossed!  But for today, I have some sweet little penguin cards to share.
They're pretty big, I used the oval framelits and the two largest circle punches for these 'little' guys!  They'll be attached to some chocolate penguins that I bought for the kids teachers for Christmas.  Their little belly's open so we can write a quick message (typing that I know it sounds weird that their 'belly's open' but you know what I mean).  You have to understand that my brain is fried from lawyer jibber jabber and sitting in cold court rooms.  So I'm going to go nap, and then try to regain some of that Christmas cheer that's escaped me somehow..... 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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