Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thanks Leaf Trio

I hope you all weren't waiting too long for this post.  The weekend kind of got away from me, isn't that always the case with a 3 day weekend.  I had every intention to have a project ready for this morning but it just didn't happen.  I knew I wouldn't get a chance to do it until late Tuesday afternoon, so here I am.  I was gone all day at our church.  We have an art gallery that changes shows every 3 months, or is it every 4 months.  I really don't know.  Either way I was down there all morning helping them take in the new pieces and take down the old ones.  Tomorrow I'll be down there again most of the day, this time hanging all the new pieces.  I have a class on Saturday that I really must prepare for :)  Not to worry I'm so excited for this class and I LOVE the projects.  There's still room if you'd like to come, just let me know by Thursday or early Friday. 

As far as the card today goes, it's pretty self explanatory, no mind blowing techniques used on it, but I do love the way it turned out and I LOVE the colors!  I had to take this picture at night, so I had to use the flash.  Dan needed it to mail in the morning.  So the colors are a little off in the picture but in real life they're beautiful.  They're More Mustard, Not Quite Navy and Cherry Cobbler.  It's a very simple card, no ribbon, no big embellishments, but then again, it doesn't need it! 

Thanks for hanging in there and checking back for today's post.  I'll be on time tomorrow :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Kay Jantz said...

so, so, so pretty!