Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday and Ghirardelli Gifts day 4----Top Note Box

Welcome to day 4 of Ghirardelli Gifts! This is a super cute box I found while going through split coast stampers. I used this picture to go from. Here box is a little smaller, I think it says she used a 4x4 square, but I wanted a bigger box so I made up my own dimensions based on the size of the top note.
So lets get started you'll need, 3 top note dies, 2 in cardstock and 1 in DSP. I'm using Old Olive and Holiday Treasure DSP. You'll also need scissors, sticky strip (or the tombow multi purpose glue that I'm using) and a punch. I'm using the large oval, it's for the handle of you box so whatever size/shape you prefer for that. I'm also using a little bit of chocolate chip ribbon to tie at the top.

The top note die has a perforated edge along the side. On your piece of DSP cut along that edge.

Glue your DSP on of your cardstock pieces. It fits perfectly on the perforated edge on that one.

For your box you'll need a piece of cardstock 5 x 4.25. Score it 1 inch along all the sides. Cut the tabs and put glue where the x's are and assemble your box. Set aside for now.

Decorate the front of your top note piece, how ever you like. I used some rub-on's for mine.

Using your punch, punch the top of both top note die's. You may have to do your pieces separately depending on your punch.

Put some glue on the long side of the box and glue to the bottom of one of your top note pieces.

Put glue on the other side and put the top on.

Fill with chocolate.

Use your ribbon to tie a the front and back together and you're done!

Here is another one I made.

Thanks for looking see you tomorrow!

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Regina said...

It's so cute and very impressive! Thanks so much for your detailed instructions and photos!