Thursday, June 15, 2017

Embossing Paste Love!

I've had a giant box of new stuff for over a week and I just now had a chance to play with it!  We took a family trip to Durango last weekend and that really messed up my play time, though I did contemplate taking lots of my new stuff with me.  Stamp Camp prep is in full swing and I have boxes and piles of new stuff everywhere!  Plus it's summer so the kids are home and hungry all. the. time. All these things together makes very little stamp time for me!  But that's ok, life happens, and I finally did get a chance to play! The two products that you'll see the most of over the next week or so will be the amazing Embossing Paste and the new This Little Piggy set.  I'm not using the set today, but just wait until tomorrow! 

Today I'm using the equally cool set, You're Priceless.  I love the gems and the greetings in this set!  They're so much fun!  Yesterday I shared my color challenge for my downline last week. This week their color challenge is Berry Burst, Emerald Envy and Whisper White so I decided as long as I'm stamping I'll participate too.  This is my card.  I love it!!!  Let's talk Embossing Paste.  It's so easy and so fun!  I used a drop of Berry Burst reinker to color a small blob of Embossing Paste, then because I'm me I added a spoonful of glitter too. Now it's sparkle-berry-burst-embossing-paste YES! I used our new stencils and palette knifes and spread the paste onto my cardstock.  You do want to work quickly, not in a rushed manner, but you certainly don't want to start it and get up to answer the door or something.  I was blown away with how quickly this stuff dries, which is good and bad...Good because let's face it we live in an instant gratification kind of world and I don't want to wait 4 hours for my embossing paste to dry on my cardstock.  However, because it dries so quickly you need to be ready to wash your tools immediately.  Don't let the paste dry on your tools.  As soon as I was done spreading it, I wiped off the tools and stencil with a baby wipe then I took it to the sink and washed everything with some warm water.  By the time I was done my paste on the cardstock was dry and I could continue with my card!  Let's talk texture, because I added the glitter it's a little gritty, almost like a nail file.  That doesn't bother me but if you're sensitive to those kinds of texture maybe leave the glitter out.  I did play with the embossing paste a little more without glitter and the texture when it dried was much smoother.  So play with it and see what you like.  To finish the card I stamped the gem and greeting.  Punched a few circles and added them to my card.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  I have lots more embossing paste samples coming up!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!  

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